About Us

Bill senior Beryl and Grandson Billy

Triple BBB Clothing started back in 1984, when the two Bills went to an auction to purchase an industrial sewing machine to repair some horse rugs, as at the time they were colt Breakers, Horse dealers. But at that auction there were a 1000 pair of jeans on offer. Well they ended up with the jeans. It was then BBB Clothing was started, from there the family moved into the rag trade.

Young Bill decided to sell them traveling farm to farm, also attending picnic race meetings, rodeos, bronco branding competitions and other outback events, also hiring town halls and holding sales in country towns throughout S.A, Vic, NSW and the N.T.

Initially Bill senior and Beryl would head over to Melbourne on buying sprees, to purchase stock. They would purchase the end of run garments from many manufacturers, along with visiting the bustling Melbourne Markets. They were saucing stock from many wholesalers who were glad to do business with the Drew’s. As the business grew more stock was needed and supply from some wholesalers’ was a bit slow, so The Drew’s decided to ramp up the manufacturing side of the business

Customers are greeted with a cheery welcome and all efforts are made to assist men and women alike
to find the right size pair of jeans or shirt, with Sizes from 10 to 28 for Ladies and mens range up to a 74” waist and 7XL in shirts and jackets. They also have a children's range.

After the passing of Bill senior, Young Bill heads the operation now, accompanied by great committed staff at the Tozer road factory. Still producing all-Australian-made clothing which they believe to be second to none.

Beryl’s still very active within the business, helping with production.

“Give people what they want! Not what you want them to buy!

You won’t get that’s the price! Take it or leave it attitude, From the Drew’s,”